The 15th Annual Higgyball Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament

On behalf of the organizers, I’m proud to announce The 15th Annual Higgyball Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament.  By now I would assume that we all know the drill pretty well, but for those who may need it, I’ll be happy to remind you.

Higgyball Alerts

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  1. Team registration (2 players per team) will occur at 12:00 noon on Sunday, April 29th.  Go to to register.  $10 per team will be charged through PayPal as an entry fee to cover expenses.  Last year’s top 4 teams will be granted an automatic spot, BUT STILL NEED TO REGISTER AND PAY (they’ll receive the registration link prior to April 29th).  A total of 28 teams will be granted entry into the tournament.
  2. Registration sometimes fills up quickly.  In the event that our bracket fills up, a waiting list will be opened.  If you are unable to enter your team due to a full bracket, be sure to sign up on the waiting list.  Waiting list teams have won the tourney in the past!
  3. H15 will be held on Saturday May 26th, 2018 at 11:00 AM at the Tincher-Mann homestead in Oxford, Ohio.  An address and directions will be provided on the website.  We will reserve Sunday, May 27th as a “rain day”.
  4. In an attempt to make the event ever more interactive the food and music registries will be included in the team sign-up process as well as the soundtrack.  In the event that we need more songs, a music registry will be opened to the public.
  5. Send us pics of you and/or your loved ones wearing your Higgyball swag throughout the year and tell us where you were.  We’ll add it to our “Where Have Your Balls Been” page at Higgyball Online.  Also be sure to send us any pics from last year’s tournament.
  6. Grab your favorite H15 T-Shirt.  There will be some great designs to choose from this year for both the ladies and gents!  T-shirt sales will open on April 29th and close May 13th in order to have everything printed by the tourney.
  7. In an effort to increase public safety, we’d like to encourage participants to stay the night and camp or find alternate transportation if necessary.  
  8. If you haven’t contacted or found your partner, now is the time to do so. We have a Free Agents page for those needs.
  9. Be sure to “Pledge Your Balls” this year if you’d be willing to donate a regulation size set of bocce balls to the day’s cause.  Not to worry, your balls are yours and yours alone.  We don’t want to own them, we just want to play with them for the day.

Polish your stones, spit-shine your medals, and lay out your jerseys.  It’s officially bocce season…as soon as it stops snowing. 

Expect to hear more from your friendly, neighborhood Council members soon!