We’re still doing a Swiss Pairing-style tournament! Each team will play 5 games during Swiss Pairings play. For the first round, teams are randomly assigned an opponent (if we have an odd number, one random team gets an automatic victory). After the first round, teams that are 1-0 play against the other 1-0 teams; 0-1 teams play 0-1 teams, and so on. After five rounds, the top 16 teams will then be placed in the elimination tournament to determine the ultimate champion.

Registered teams will show up here when their registrations come in.

We’re at capacity, so please add your team to the Wait List. We almost always have teams drop out, so don’t be shy!

Registered Teams

  1. O’Malley Famalley - Genevieve O'Malley Knight, Patrick O’Malley
  2. H Squared - Pam Hodgson, Eric Hodgson
  3. Jalepeno Business - Rhett Brymer, Michael Conger
  4. Après-Ski Patrol - Lexi Marsh, Ayako Reiff
  5. Executive Ball Clickers - Lisa Johnson, Kristina Wheelright
  6. Delta House Variants - Dan Troxel, Pete jamieson
  7. Captain Morgan - Becky Morgan, Luke Morgan
  8. Bocce Mutilators - Bill Levenderis, Matt Aucello
  9. Team Venture - Mike Kosik, Bekah Turner
  10. Who But! DC Sens Construction - Zach Sens, John Greene
  11. Rosie and her Parents - Erik Steffen, Jennifer Robb
  12. Carlisle - Jeremy Newkirk, Matt Seljan
  13. Cheese - Joel Lear, Christie Lear
  14. Better at Beer - Stevie Guenther, Lindsey Krause
  15. The Amateurs - Barbara Bunting, Jared Bunting
  16. Spiced Rum Girls - Julie Lytle, Sara Gilkeson
  17. StyleBoyz - Nate Silberstein, Slim Perry
  18. (Sub)Urban Achievers - Tim Kuykendoll, Tom Walters
  19. Masters of the Bocceverse - Heath Kelly, Wil Hanekom
  20. TILFs - Jacob Scott, Julia Kunkel
  21. Son of a Bocce - Lindsay Bodeker, Erin Maddock
  22. Taco Cat Space Kittens - Rich (Slappy) Moore, Karl Reiff
  23. Coach - Tom Fisher, Nate Greenberg
  24. 509 Girls - Angie Bashore, Lori Oberlitner
  25. Brews and Balls - Jesse Tharp, Amanda Tharp
  26. Healthy Fats - Betsy Walker, Megan Kuykendoll
  27. Wedding Jeans - Mark Walker, PJ Hile
  28. Sexy Beasts - Andrew Farler , Molly Farler
  29. House Team - Andrew Bomholt , Patrick Lytle
  30. Jack Rabbits - Dana LaCoste, Jake Calvert
  31. A Fistful of Dice - Chris Neal, Mike Bomholt
  32. Cougarbait - Marc Tincher, Egon Kraan


Higgyball 19

Saturday, May 27, 2023

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Currently: 21 sets. Thanks everyone!


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