Congrats to 509 Girlz!

Congratulations to 509 Girlz, Lori Oberlitner and Ang Bashore! Another prior winner (11 years ago at Higgyball 10), the 509 Girlz only had one loss on the day, and they tore through the knockout tournament to take the crown once again. Congrats!

The MVPs this year went to Danielle Mann and Marc Tincher, who also happen to be our gracious hosts. Big thanks to them, and don’t forget to help with cleanup today. Save the date for next year: Saturday, May 24, 2025.

Lastly, those fabled Higgyball 20 water bottles were waiting for me when I got home last night, so I will have them available for people to pick up. Please email to make arrangements. For any out-of-towners, we’ll figure something out.