Food Registry

Welcome to the Higgyball 2021 Food Registry! Use the form below to offer to bring the various items needed to make the other great part of Higgyball a success: the food. Click the checkbox next to an item that you’re willing to bring, and then enter the quantity in the box. The number next to the quantity box is the number of units of that item still needed. Think of the quantity as one unit of something. For example, 1 “Hot dog buns” would be a pack or two of buns. 1 “fruit salad” would be a large dish of various delicious fruits. 1 “tortilla chips w/ salsa” would be a bag or two of chips with a large jar of salsa. You get the idea. Don’t forget to click Submit at the bottom of the page after you’ve entered all of the items you intend to bring. We won’t hold you to these items, but it would be great if you could contribute. BYOB as always. View the current contributions here.

The food registry is broken. Just bring stuff. You’re all adults.


Higgyball 20

Saturday, May 25, 2024

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