Congrats to Cougar Bait!

It’s always great when we get a new name on the Higgyball cup, and H15 gave us just that: Congratulations to Marc Tincher and Egon Kraan for the victory! The final matchup between them and 509 Girls provided one for the ages, with the final throw deciding the match, 12-10, for Cougar Bait. Rounding out the top four were Cheese and Pinkley Ford. Good job all around!

If you have a collection of photos from the event, feel free to send them to your friendly neighborhood High Council member, and we’ll get them archived here on the site. Also, if you’re missing anything, we always have leave behinds, so let us know. Finally, it’s never too late to think about next year, so let us know what worked well, what didn’t work so well, and we’ll do our best to make Higgyball 16 even better!