Wanted: Deck Manager

Hello Higgyballers!

We are in need of a special someone to step up and fill an important role in the operations of this year’s Higgyball event. Holly, our gracious deck manager from recent years, will not be able to attend this year’s tournament. Therefore, we’re looking for a replacement.

This person will need to do the following the day of the event:

  • Be at the event for the duration, including 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament, until the awards ceremony.
  • Be comfortable using a computer, specifically the custom tournament app created to manage the tournament rounds (don’t worry, instructions are included).
  • Assist people with connecting to the event Wi-Fi and loading the mobile app.
  • Check-in teams prior to the start of the event.
  • Assign teams to open fields during the Swiss Pairing rounds, taking care to avoid teams playing on the same field too often.
  • Record match scores after the completion of games to keep the rounds moving swiftly.
  • Assist with the management of the knockout tournament after the Swiss Pair rounds have completed.
  • Record MVP voting from people later in the day.
  • Answer or find the answer to any questions people may have.
  • Stay (relatively) sober for the duration of the tournament, and yet be able to deal with drunken idiots.
  • Be awesome.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s truly a lot of fun. If you’re not playing on a team, this could be a great way to be a part of the event. Please send a resume with three references (just kidding) to mark.r.walker@gmail.com. We hope to hear from you very soon!