H14 Registration Reminder

Howdy Higgyballers! This is your friendly reminder that registration for H14 is coming up: Sunday, April 30 at 12:00 PM sharp. The cost, as always, is $10.00 per team. In case you don’t know the drill by now, you’ll pay via PayPal, but you don’t necessarily need a PayPal account; you can enter a credit card to pay. During registration, we’ll also ask that teams choose a few things from the Food Registry and add their contributions to the Music Registry.

We also want you to pledge your balls to Higgyball this year. Last year we had a snafu with the number of full-sized bocce ball sets, so we want to make sure we have the right numbers this year. The balls should be between 107mm and 115mm. We want to know if you or your teammate (or both!) can pledge to bring your balls. There will be a place during team registration to let us know how many sets you can bring. No worries if you don’t have a set, though (but now may be a good time to buy one).

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll also have the swanky new H14 T-shirts for sale. We have some awesome designs from Mr Lytle this year! Prices start at $19.00. Click the images below get a sneak peak at the designs, and look for order page to go live by this Sunday.