Extra ice and tables, hold the mustard

Some notes about Saturday:

  • Our hosts have asked people to bring extra ice (even if you haven’t signed up for it). It’s going to be HOT on Saturday, so we will use the extra ice. We also need a few extra tables for the food and deck areas. If you have some easily portable tables to lend for the day, please let mark.r.walker@gmail.com know. Lastly, we apparently have a surplus of mustard. If you signed up for mustard, you’re off the hook, don’t bring it.
  • The Bracket and Wait List have gone through some transformations lately. If you’ve signed up and your plans have changed regarding Higgyball, please let me know, and we’ll take care of you. And by take care of you, I mean shun you mercilessly.
  • The weather forecast for Saturday is still being coy about rain. We’ll probably avoid the rain like we always do, but if we do have to postpone to Sunday, we’ll make that call on Saturday by 9:00am. If you don’t hear anything, we’re still on! In the event that we are forced to postpone, any parties that cannot participate on the rescheduled day will be refunded in full.
  • I will be reaching out to those that pledged their balls to Higgyball to remind them to bring their bocce sets. We can’t have Higgyball without your balls!