8 Days From Glory

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Higgyball is next weekend! To the things:

  • We need your tune requests. Visit the Music Registry and give us your favorite songs to fill out the soundtrack of our lives. We won’t judge your poor taste in music.
  • Take a peek at the Food Registry and let us know if you can bring anything else (we always need more ice). Or look at the contribution list to remind yourself what you promised to bring.
  • We cannot stress this enough: BE ON TIME. We’re going to kick off at 11:00am, and if a registered team isn’t there in full, we’ll have to drop you and pick up the next team on the waitlist. If you do get dropped, you’ll get a full refund, but the Swiss Pairing format requires all teams playing at the same time. Let us know well in advance if a registered team cannot attend.
  • Speaking of Swiss Pairing, make sure you understand the rules, especially our newcomers. It’s not hard once we get into the swing of things, and we’ve found it makes the early rounds more competitive. As usual, we’ll run everything through a computer on the deck, and I’ve hopefully fixed a few bugs from years past regarding matchups and field assignments. I’ll have a Wi-Fi network set up (but not connected to the Internet) so that you can use a smartphone with a web browser to follow along as the tournament progresses. This isn’t a requirement, however; you can get score updates and field assignments from the deck.
  • H15 checklist: chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, hat, cooler, bocce set (did you pledge your balls?), coozie, food, beverages.