Congrats House Team

Well that was quite a day, eh? Another Higgyball is in the books, and despite an attempted monsoon, we have another champion on the cup. Congrats to House Team, Patrick Lytle and Andrew Bomholt, for becoming the first ever 3-time Higgyball Champions *

* of the Modern Era

Congrats also to our MVPs, Emily Silberstein and PJ Hile! As always, we’d like to thank our gracious hosts, Danielle Mann and Marc Tincher, for allowing to us to be idiots on their property, Holly and Ken Perander (and Nathan!) for managing the deck, and to all of you, for making this silly backyard tournament one of the best days of the year.

Please make arrangements to claim anything left behind at Higgyball, and help with the cleanup. Also, if you have any photos from the event, please share them with a Council Member, and we can collect them on the website. Now it’s my least favorite time of the year: the wait for next year’s Higgyball. See you all in 363 days!