Almost There

…but not quite.

Your friendly neighborhood Higgyball Council continues to be committed to the safety of our Higgy-family. And, while many of us are taking measures to protect ourselves, there are still members of our community that need our protection. Namely, our kids.

There is some good news, however. According to the powers that be, children’s trials are already in progress and vaccines for our mini-ballers COULD be expected as early as this summer.

At this point I think we can roughly forecast a Labor Day tournament on Saturday, Sept 4, 2021. So, take the opportunity to get with/find your/a partner and start training. Rest assured that your Higgyball Council members are communicating, and that you can expect more updates and details as we continue to make progress regarding safety measures.

H17 is so close I can smell the sausage. On behalf of the fellas, we look forward to seeing you all on the field very soon.