H18 Teams, Weather, Shirts, & More

We are now less than 10 days out from Higgyball 18, and for me that means watching the dreaded weather forecast. Right now it looks to be relatively warm but with a possible thunderstorm. Frequent participants may remember the extreme weather events of past Higgyballs, so it I’m sure we can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us. If it looks really bad, we’ll use the rain back-up date of Sunday, May 29, 2022, and will let everyone know if that clause is invoked.

We still have a few spots open, so ask around to see if anyone would like to register. We can handle up to 32 teams, but we will make do with what we have no matter the number. We’ll even take teams the day of the event, so don’t be shy. If you need to change your team name or partner, or even need to bow out, please contact me.

Here’s the address for the event: 7650 King Rd. Oxford, OH 45056. Please remember to be on time. We start at 11:00am, so if you are playing, you need to be there well before that time. Don’t make us wait on you! Everyone should bring a large bag or two of ice to throw in the communal drinks bins.

Lastly, check out the Higgyball Dry Goods store for this year’s T-shirt choices, along with stickers, coozies, and pint glasses. These are ordered individually and delivered right to your door, so take advantage while supplies last.