That’s all, folks!

And another one is in the books. Hopefully everyone had a great time at Higgyball 2010. Congrats to Rockin’ and Rollin–Wayne and Casey–for taking home the cup this year. I thought we had a very smooth competition, and like always, have some great ideas to improve next year’s event. Thanks as always to our gracious hosts, Marc and Danielle, for providing a great location and atmosphere. And thanks to all of you, because without you as participants and fans, Higgyball wouldn’t be the same. Only 363 days until Higgyball 2011! Keep an eye on this space for more announcements throughout the year, as well as to sign up for a Higgyball listserv. Also, if you took any photos during the event, please get a disc to either me or Paddy, and we’ll add them to the site.

If you’re missing anything or left anything at the party, please contact Marc or Danielle to retrieve it.

Only 2 Days Left!

Can you believe it? Only two days left until Bocce Non-denominational Holiday! The bracket has been updated yet again; view that here. We may have one or two more changes if teams have to drop out, so be sure to get on that waiting list. Also, we’re doing great with the food registry, but if you haven’t offered to bring something yet, please do so. Finally, Paddy may be able to order another round of Jolly Roger shirts. Please see him at the event to get on the list.

Final prep: Cost per team is $10 ($5 per participant), so bring some cash with you. Be sure to bring your own lawn chairs and sun screen, as well as your own beverages if the ones on the Food Registry don’t suit you. Don’t forget the rules! There are some differences this year, so read carefully. And in case you don’t know, here is the location of Higgyball:

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See you on the field!

Brand New Bracket!

The bracket has been released, unveiling the divisional matchups for this year’s Higgyball. Take a look at who you’re playing this year. You may notice we opened the bracket to the four teams (at the time) on the Wait List as well, for a grand total of 28 teams this year, bigger than ever! More teams means an even more exclusive playoff tournament, with only the top three from each division advancing, so ramp up your training. Only 11 days remaining!

We’ve also updated the rules page explaining some of the changes to the format. Also, a few items remain to be claimed on the Food Registry as well.

Due to the increased team pool, we’ll be starting Higgyball ’10 an hour earlier than in years past. 11:00 a.m. is the official start time, so try to be there early to get started on time. Just 10 shorts days remaining!


Higgyball 19

Saturday, May 27, 2023

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