Bracket is set; final prep

The updated bracket is available here. Some very intriguing matchups in the round-robin stage!
A few other things:

  • Don’t forget to volunteer to bring stuff on the Food Registry.
  • Make your music requests here
  • The weather outlook looks favorable (see the widget to the right for up-to-the-minute forecasts from AccuWeather). Get your base-tans started if not already!
  • Sign up for the list-serv so you don’t miss any last-minute announcements. Some details coming soon for the Higgyball scorecard app for your smartphone or iPod touch.
  • The wait to Higgyball10 is almost over! Get those bocce-throwing limbs loose!

    Selection Sunday

    With only a few slots left for teams, the attention now turns to the bracket. The drawing, as always, will be at Nate and Maeva’s, on Sunday, May 19, 2013, from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Coverage on ESPN3 still to be determined.

    Team Registration

    Use the form below to register your team for Higgyball10! Once all of the spots fill up, there will be a topic in the forum for the wait list.

    View the list of registered teams here. Note: Mark will manually update the list of teams when the payments come in. Be patient!

    Registration is now closed! Don’t worry if you didn’t get in; we invariably have teams that drop out before the event. To add your teams to the Waiting List, enter your team information here.

    If you have trouble registering, please contact Mark

    Welcome to the new Higgyball Online!

    We’ve been working hard in the off-season to get things changed up around here, and we hope you like what we’ve got so far. The new look is only the beginning of the changes.

    • We implemented social login with both Facebook and Google+. If you already have a Higgyball account, login as you normally would, click the Profile link next to your name in the right sidebar, and click either or both of the “Link to” buttons. Follow the instructions from either Facebook or Google, and from then on, you can login with either of those accounts here at Higgyball Online. If there’s a demand, I can add social login for Twitter as well. Note: You’ll want to login with your original Higgyball Online account, and then link your Facebook or Google+ account from your profile, else you’ll probably create another Higgyball Online account. Let me know if you have questions.
    • We also have Facebook Like and Comment boxes. Connect your Facebook account, and when you like a post, it’ll show up on your Facebook timeline for all the world to see. Go nuts with it.
    • Another great feature is the fact that Higgyball Online now works on mobile devices. Now you can get your Higgyball fix on the go, with your smart phone or tablet. The entire site should resize based on the screen size of the device you’re on.

    There are more changes to come, so stop by often to see what’s new!


    Higgyball 20

    Saturday, May 25, 2024

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