It Finally Happened

Congrats to House Team, champions of Higgyball12. Everyone knows the story: most 2nd place finishes; more medals than any other team; participants in every Higgyball since the beginning, all without ever tasting glory from the Cup. Well, that ended yesterday. Congrats, guys! 11269980_10153314490408684_4039878425900846662_nHere’s to another 12 years before you win again!

Higgyball Scoresheet Web App

For those new to Higgyball, we will once again be using the latest technology for scorekeeping at H12. The wonderful volunteers on the deck will assign teams to fields for each game, but players and spectators alike can follow along using the Higgyball Scoresheet web app at the event. We’ll have a Wi-Fi network that covers most of the fields that everyone can connect to and access the web app via their phone’s web browser (no Internet access on this Wi-Fi, unfortunately). You can get a preview of the web app here:

Game results will be entered at the deck, but teams can see their progress (and everyone else’s progress) with the app. At the event, teams will get their access code, but spectators can follow along on the scoreboard, and everyone can view the map and read the rules, participate in MVP voting (which opens later in the day), and upload photos (still a work-in-progress; hopefully it will work this time). For prep, team members with smart phones (or iPod Touch) should learn how to enable Airplane mode on their phones (iOS, Android, Windows), since mobile data service is spotty at the event, and it’ll save your battery with Airplane mode enabled (and still allow you to enable Wi-Fi to connect to the Wi-Fi network).

If you have any questions or concerns, please let Mark know.

10 Days Away!

Higgyball12 is May 23, 2015 at 11:00am SHARP. If your team is not yet registered, add yourself to the Wait List.

Here’s a map to the location for you noobs out there:

Also, keep an eye on the weather. It’ll change a dozen times between now and then. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Finally, don’t forget to claim something on the Food Registry or buy a t-shirt. Orders for shirts will end on Friday, May 15, 2015.


Higgyball 19

Saturday, May 27, 2023

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