Eyes On The Sky

It appears that we have a potentially sketchy day of weather ahead of us for H14.    Saturday morning, please mind your email as we’ll be sending any updates regarding delay or cancellation no later than 10:00 AM.  Be assured that we will do everything in our power to press through as the forecast for Sunday (our reserved rain day) looks even worse.  In the event that we are forced to cancel, any parties that cannot participate on the rescheduled day will be refunded in full.

Currently there are an array of forecasts ranging from an afternoon t-storm to biblical squalls.  The impression that I get is that the current local prediction is to expect a cloudy day that, according to Frank Marzullo, won’t be a “wash out”.  But, he did say to “plan for a storm.”  And, that, we can handle.

So, make sure to include a poncho, rain jacket, or umbrella on your list as we’ll play through everything possible.  See you soon!