Higgyball is Almost Here

A quick last-minute overview of the next Higgyball (which is this Saturday!):

  • BE ON TIME! The event starts at 11:00am, so be there before then, especially the registered teams. Speaking of teams, take a look at the rules. No new rules in there, but newcomers should familarize themselves with how we run things. As usual, we’ll run everything through a computer on the deck, so you can see field assignments and standings on the big screen.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Looks to be hot, as usual, with a possibility for a thunderstorm. We’ve yet to use it, but the rain backup date is Sunday, May 26, 2019. We’ll make the call on Saturday morning if we need to use it this year. If we just have a couple of sprinkles during the event, we’ll have a weather delay, so bring some rain gear just in case. In the event that we do use the backup date, any teams that cannot make it will be refunded.
  • Speaking of sun, don’t forget: water, sunscreen, bocce set(s), Food Registry items, lawn chairs, water, bug spray, sunglasses, tape measure, rain gear, and water.
  • The Bracket and Wait List have gone through some transformations lately. If you’ve signed up and your plans have changed regarding Higgyball, please let me know, and you’ll get your money back. If someone bows out the day of the event, we’ll take any replacements that are at Higgyball to fill the spot.
  • Just like last year, parking is now in the big field to the left of the driveway (rather than on the right as in years past; see the updated map on the previous post). Just park where everyone else is parked.