Higgyball ’11 Photos

We have a couple of photo galleries from Higgyball ’11 by Julie and Betsy. Be sure to check them out here.
Also, Pete and Lexi have a Facebook gallery here.
Great photos from everyone. If you have more to contribute, please contact Paddy or myself.

That’s A Wrap!

Another Higgyball in the books. Perfect weather, a new champion, and a great time had by all. Thanks as always to our gracious hosts, our organizers, our competitors, and our fans. We couldn’t do it without everyone’s help and support, and great attitude about the whole thing. Only 364 days until the next Higgyball! See you on the field.

It’s Go Time!

In twelve short hours, Higgyball ’11 will kick off. Remember it’s $5 per team. Check in with the crew on the front porch to pay and get your scorecard, then check in on the back porch to get started.

So get your sleep, eat your Wheaties, and we’ll see you on the field!

Final Prep

We only have 4 days left! Make sure you’re doing your anti-rain dances as often as possible. A few of the weather services are calling for partly cloudy in the low 80s, which would be perfect. Of course, other weather services are calling for scattered thunder storms. Stay tuned to this space and the newsletter for up-to-the-minute information, but right now, we’re still on.

That being said, we’re short one team again. If you or someone you know was holding out on registering because you didn’t think you’d get in, now’s your chance. Please signup in the forum here.

See you on Saturday!

Field Map

Our own Minister of Funk has outdone himself this time. Click below to get a preview of the bocce courts that will be used for Higgyball ’11.


Also, it’s always helpful for new Higgyballers to actually know where Higgyball is taking place. Use the map below to find your way on May 28, 2011.

View Larger Map

Higgyball ’11 Bracket

The first draft of the bracket has been released to the public. Click here to view it. The High Council will be convening soon to draft the rest of the teams into their respective spots, so keep an eye on the site for more updates.

The full bracket has been added. If any teams drop out for any reason, we will replace them with teams on the waiting list and update the bracket accordingly.

Higgyball ’11 Registration [Update]

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 1, 2011, Higgyball registration will open. There will be a new category in the forum named “Higgyball Registration”, where each team will enter their team name and two team members. Registration will open at 12:00pm noon, and will continue until full. When full, a second category will open to create a waitlist, which we will draw from in the event that a registered team has to back out. Check this space tomorrow for more info!

The food registry will open tomorrow as well. This is just like a standard wedding gift registry, except the things in the list are food items to bring. Pretty simple.

The Team Registration forum is now live. You must have a team name with two team members to be counted. Click here to sign up. Enter the “Register Here!” forum, and then reply to post with your information. When full, a new Waitlist forum will open up.
Also, the Food Registry is now open as well.

*Update 2*
Team registration is now full. Please add your team to the waiting list in the forum.

ESBJ T-Shirts!

Higgyballers: Here’s your chance to own a part of history! This year we are offering you the option of buying a limited edition Higgyball8 T-Shirt, featuring the ballin’ logo of the official Higgyball Beer:

Click here for more details, and to place your order in the forum.

Higgyball ’11 Shirt

Order your Higgyball ’11 shirt from Zazzle! You can order many different shirt types and colors, including hoodies and infant onesies, as well as standard Tees. Enjoy!

Get your 1040EZ discount! From now through April 18, 2011, enter TAXDAYSALE11 at checkout on Zazzle.com and receive 10.40% off!

The logo

Here’s the official logo for Higgyball ’11!

Great job, Paddy!
Stay tuned for the Zazzle link whereby you can order shirts with the official logo, as well as the alternate T-shirt with the Higgybeer logo.


Higgyball 20

Saturday, May 25, 2024

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