Bad Swag, Good Registration

Unfortunately, it appears that someone at Zazzle has decided that this year’s cow logo is potentially in conflict with their trademark/copyright policies, and have pulled all of the Horrorshow (cow) products from Higgyball_Dry_Goods. That being said, I successfully ordered (and received) 3 cow stickers when the products originally went live, so there is a chance that you may have beat the system before the fun police showed up. More likely, your order was rejected and cancelled. If this is the case, Zazzle will refund you directly if, in fact, your were ever charged at all.

New, replacement items have been published and should go live by Tuesday, 5/2. Please visit Higgyball_Dry_Goods and take another swing at it. I apologize personally for the inconvenience.

On a positive note, yesterday’s registration was wildly successful. 29/32 Spots have already been filled! If you know anyone who has shown interest in joining us, I encourage you to let them know that we only have three spots left. See you soon!